CCK08 – Week 7: Instructional Design and Connectivism

Every change provokes uncertainty. I’m quite uncertain on  the following points which I find quite risky in designing  a connective based learning environment:

  • Hedonistic digital delight
  • Media collectionism
  • informal reductionism

In my opinion these three elements are more at work in a connective learning environment than in any other environment. Being connected involves a self-directed learning coping with digital abundance. This digital abundance can’t really represent a problem if the learner is well aware of his own learning styles and modalities, otherwise it can bring to both information and functional overload.

I myself being involved in this CCK08 felt those risks, as for example, I subscribed Second Life hoping to change my hedonistic consideration of the medium into a useful one for learning and failed. I tried to ‘re-write’ some material from the course just for the pleasure to contribute a syntesis and felt affected by informal reductionism (What is the point of producing a syntesis when you have the original materials? And what’s more: who am I doing it for?). I like mapping but didn’t find a real sharing in the group up to now.

What I really want to share this week is thi presentation:

It is an experience in designing courses in Moodle based on social constructivism with two connective features: sharing and being reactive.


2 Responses to CCK08 – Week 7: Instructional Design and Connectivism

  1. erict1 says:

    The presentation link doesn’t seem to work for me?

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